November 2017 Section Meeting

In our November ISA New Orleans Section Meeting, we were once again joined by Mr. Channing Reis.  This month our topic was about gas detection with WirelessHART capability.

Improved Protection with WirelessHART Gas Detection

About Our Topic:
To minimize risk to personnel and plant safety, plants often deploy early warning devices such as gas detection systems, which require expensive infrastructure and seldom cover all of the potential leak points. As public concern about plant and community safety grows, however, interest in expanding coverage grows as well. And this comes at a time when market forces are placing companies under increasing cost constraints, pushing plant safety managers to seek innovative ways to reduce plant risk with limited additional investment. This concern is driving a trend toward augmenting existing wired gas detection coverage with wireless sensors, which can significantly increase monitoring coverage with minimal new financial outlay. Contributing to this wireless trend is the evolution of the Industrial Internet of Things, in which companies are not only gathering more data from process points, they are also becoming more adept at using it strategically.

The technology for wireless gas monitoring has developed significantly. As more end-users adopt wireless devices at the field and plant level, they will likely become an increasingly important fixture in the industrial landscape.

If price pressures continue to mount in the hydrocarbons industry, the need for safety and for cost-effective solutions will grow. As market conditions improve, the increased volume of hydrocarbon processing activities will introduce more potential leakage vulnerability and greater need to assure stakeholders that producers and transporters are doing everything they can to ensure safety.

We’ll discuss these trends and the associated technology in the wireless gas detection area for combustible (e.g. methane) and toxics (e.g. H2S.)

About Our Speaker:
Mr. Channing Reis,  Director of Functional Safety with United Electric Controls, is a member of ISA and is one of United Electric’s SMEs on Safety Instrumented Systems.  He has worked at United Electric since 1983 and travels extensively to meet and understand end-user challenges in the process sector. He is a member of ISA and AIcHE.

ISA New Orleans November 2017 WirelessHART



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