New Orleans Section

ISA_New_Orleans2ColISA New Orleans Section was organized shortly after World War II. Mr. Horace Thompson is believed to be the first ISA New Orleans Section President.  He and a group of friends organized and applied for the Section Charter, which became effective April 11, 1946.

For about 70 years, the section has been active in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, which includes Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Tammany Parish, St. Charles Parish, St. John Parish, Plaquemines Parish, and other surrounding parishes.  Over the years, the Section Membership and Leadership has included representatives of industry  (principally oil & gas, petrochemical, forest products, food & beverage, aerospace, and electric utilities) and those serving those industries in sales & marketing, consulting engineering, and education.

Membership has varied over the years, based primarily upon the state of the local economy, and it peaked at almost 600 during the “boom” in the oil & gas industry in the late 1970s to early 1990s.

The New Orleans Section has supplied significant leadership to the International Society, including numerous District 7 and Division officers and three Society presidents (David N. Bishop, Robert M. Baillet, and Hugh N. Roser).  The Section has served as hosts to numerous Division Symposia and three times to the Society Annual Conference and Exhibit.  Bob Hallman, was elected ISA New Orleans Section President, but was transferred to Lafayette, LA, by his employer before he could take office.  Subsequently, Bob was instrumental in forming the ISA Lafayette Section and served as the first president of the ISA Lafayette Section.

The ISA New Orleans Section normally meets once a month at a local restaurant for technical meetings. The Section also hosts various other events each year. The Section holds a local exhibit every two years, alternating years with the Baton Rouge Section, and provides local educational seminars, both “live” and Web-based.  The Section also hosts plant tours, golf tournaments, a shrimp boil, and other outings.

The Section established the Don Iverson Education Fund at the University of New Orleans (UNO) to honor long time, now deceased, member Don Iverson, and helps support the Student Section at UNO.

The ISA New Orleans Section is a distinguished community of outstanding individuals.

Recipients of the New Orleans Section Distinguished Corporate Award

1985-86           Valve Actuators Company, Inc.
1986-87           Waldemar S. Nelson and Company
1987-88           Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
1988-89           M. S. Benbow and Company
1989-90           Breard-Gardner, Inc.
1990-91           Mahl and Associates, Inc.
1991-92           American Cyanamid
1992-93           Walk, Haydel, and Company
1993-94           Monsanto Company
1994-95           Reily Electrical Supply, Inc.
1995-96           Allen Bradley
1996-97           Shell Offshore, Inc.
1997-98           Monsanto
1998-99           Waldemar S. Nelson and Co.
1999-00           Cytec
2000-01           John H. Carter Company
2001-02           Warren Electric
2002-03           Wilson Valve Specialties
2003-04           Yokogawa Southwest
2004-05           Rockwell Automation
2005-06           W.H. Linder and Associates
2006-07           Shell/Motiva Refinery Norco
2007-08           M. S. Benbow and Company
2008-09           Shell Training Center
2009-10           WESCO
2010-11           No Award
2011-12           No Award
2012-13           Jacobs
2013-14           The Reynolds Company
2014-15           Computerized Processes Unlimited, LLC
2015-16           Executive Tax Service & M. S. Benbow & Associates

Recipients of the New Orleans Section Commendation and Distinguished Service Award

1982-83           Robert M. Bailliet
1983-84           David N. Bishop
1984-85           No Award Made
1985-86           No Award Made
1986-87           No Award Made
1987-88           Robert N. Bose
1988-89           Donald G. Iverson
1989-90           William S. Jay
1990-91           William R. Walvoord
1991-92           Hugh N. Roser
1992-93           Erston H. Reisch
1993-94           G. “Ram” Ramachandram
1994-95           Not Award Made
1995-96           William Godsey
1996-97           Lawrence H. Iverson III
1997-98           Becky Bailes
1998-99           Toby Miller
1999-00           No Award Made
2000-01           Bryan Pittman
2001-02           No Award Made
2002-03           Leo L.Holzenthal
2003-04           Dean Bickerton
2004-05           Betty Bailliet
2005-06           Bryan Pittman
2006-07           Barry Acosta
2007-08           Mike Benbow
2008-09           Pat Lyles
2009-10           Erston Reich
2010-11           Mike Benbow
2011-12           Anna Perrier
2012-13           Mike Williamson
2013-14           Roger Reedy
2014-15           Bill Brock
2015-16           Bill Brock and Larry Iverson