April 2021 Section Meeting

Digital Transformation of Process and Functional Safety


Tedium and time wasting have both largely been eliminated from our lives through digital transformation. We enjoy nearly instant satisfaction and success viewing and manipulating data as we bank, shop, and communicate online using web browser interfaced to sophisticated databases and predictive intelligence. Yet process industries are slow to see these benefits as they still do business using documents instead of data. As the gap grows between process industries and other industries, the pressure to transform builds. Digital transformation of process and functional safety is coming. This presentation will discuss from a practical point of view, what digital transformation of process and functional safety is, the current state of the digital transformation, the benefits, the risks and the roadblocks. We will also explore where digital transformation might take us in the future.

Speaker Bio:
David Hansen, CFSE is the Director of Functional Safety for the consulting company SIS SILverstone. David’s background is in instrumentation and controls and has been focused on functional safety since 2008. David founded and led Wood’s functional safety group and pioneered the development of new methods of effectively executing functional safety related projects and programs. David’s process and functional safety digital transformation experience includes the development of software roadmaps and implementation solutions for Mangan Software Solutions and developing process safety digital analytics concepts for Worley. SIS SILverstone is currently partnered with AEShield, a safety lifecycle management software company.

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