March 2021 Section Meeting

ISA 71.04-2013 RoHS and Corrosive Gases


About our topic

Many process industries operating in high corrosive environments take precautions to protect electrical and electronic equipment, but did you know your critical electronics may be more susceptible today than they were just five years ago?  Global RoHS legislation to eliminate the use of lead solder in electronics products may have had an adverse effect on reliability as new manufacturing processes for electronic components are more prone to contamination.  This problem is compounded in higher temperature and humid environments.  It is also more prevalent in faster, smaller electronics which run hotter than previous generations.

Come learn about the ISA 71.04 standard to rate environments (G1, G2, G3, GX) using various assessment and continuous monitoring technologies.  This presentation will also cover remediation techniques to make electronics more robust and to reduce the corrosive gases to an acceptable level.

About our speaker

Dean Bickerton
President, ISA New Orleans Section

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