August 2019 Section Meeting

About our August Section Tour

In our August section meeting, will visited the FabLab NOLA to learn more about the service it provides to the local community.

ISA and the FabLab share a common vision. ISA wants to create a better world through automation. The vision of the FabLab located at Delgado Community College’s City Park campus, is to change the world through science, technology, engineering and math. Its primary goal is to introduce K-12 students to STEM, and show them that engineering and fabrication is fun.

So what is a FabLab? A FabLab is a low-cost digital workshop equipped with laser cutters, routers, 3D printers, 3D milling machines, and programming tools, where you can “make almost anything.” There are over 150 FabLabs around the world, open to schools, local inventors, small businesses, and garage entrepreneurs. The FabLab concept was created by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld at MIT.

Learn more:

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