February 2019 Section Meeting

Recorded Presentation



HMI Usability and Performance – What’s New with ISA 101.02


ISA – TR101.02 is in its 9th revision as a working draft and is soon to be released pending a successful vote. This presentation will give you a “behind the scenes” peek at the current draft. ISA standards define the “what” and Technical Reports provide guidance on the “how”. TR101.02 provides guidance on HMI usability topics such as designing for human factors, user limitations, determing requirements, display, system and console design, testing, maintenance, and work processes. Performance and HMI effectiveness are coverd by topics including HMI catagories, duty factors, recommended performance times, alarm system effectiveness, user span of responsibility, and complexity of the plant or process. Example displays from the Technical Report will be presented for a clearer understanding of the report’s value to engineers, integrators, end user management, and operators.


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