Beamex to host an Annual Calibration Exchange in New Orleans

A two-day interactive event September 18th & 19th at UNO

Here’s something of interest for our New Orleans section members. Please help spread the word about this event coming to New Orleans in September.

Beamex is hosting their Annual Calibration Exchange (ACE 2019), on Wednesday and Thursday, September 18th & 19th at the University of New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. This event is designed to equip managers, engineers and technicians in the field with strategies for improving daily maintenance processes and tasks.

About the Annual Calibration Exchange

The event will explore the latest insights, trends and best practices for process plant managers, engineers and technicians seeking to improve calibration quality, safety, accuracy and efficiency. Instructors will discuss day-to-day challenges and how best to solve them through new and innovative strategies and advances in calibration technology-all designed to save time while achieving quality metrics and improving safety.

Participants will benefit from a highly interactive learning approach, providing the practical skills and know-how needed to improve daily maintenance processes and tasks. The two days of personalized instruction includes:

  • Open discussions of the best calibration strategies and how to perform complex calibrations
  • Strategies for eliminating calibration paperwork and ensuring data integrity
  • Hands-on multivariable calibration workshop
  • Calibration competitions with prizes

Get educated. Continuing education is a vital part of every success formula. Learn about the newest processes, advancements in technology, techniques to save time, lower costs, increase safety and improve your business. Discover the most advanced strategies that are working for others and find out what didn’t work, so you don’t waste your time, energy and resources.

Get focused. Being around like-minded people is refreshing. Attending this conference will help you regain focus, which can greatly improve productivity. Use this opportunity to explore new ideas and systems that can help you overcome challenges you are facing. This conference will give you a chance to learn as well as “rest and reflect.”

Get inspired. Meet and network with industry experts. You will get to meet the experts face to face. It’s good to connect through email or webinars, it is better to connect on the phone, but the best way to connect is face to face, and always will be.

Annual Calibration Exchange Overview Video

Highlights from last year’s ACE at Cal Poly Pomona

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