July 2019 Section Meeting

Pressure Control Techniques for Sample Handing Systems

Podcast (Audio)

About our July 2019 topic:

This presentation will discuss sample-handling systems primarily for continuous analyzers; however Gas Chromatographs also use this system.  These continuous analyzers are used in applications such as, stack monitors to measure Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and NOx.  They are also used in other industrial applications as process control, ambient air monitors and environmental monitors.  While these analyzers take many forms, they have similar sample conditioning requirements such as pressure, temperature, and flow.  One of the most important parameters, by far, is to maintain a constant pressure in the measuring cell.  The measuring cell is the heart of the analyzer where the actual measurement takes place.

We will discuss advanced techniques for controlling cell pressure and Pumping the Analyzers sample effluent into a varying pressure such as the flare, while isolating the analyzer from these unstable pressures.

Thanks to our July 2019 Section Meeting Sponsor – Parker Hannifin.

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