October 2017 Section Meeting

In our October Section Meeting, sponsor United Electric Controls Company (UE), presented on the application of integrated safety transmitter and logic solver hybrids.  The session was held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at M.S. Benbow and Associates.

Application of Integrated Safety Transmitter and Logic Solver Hybrids

About Our Topic:

Typical process automation devices (e.g. sensors) for pressure and temperature supply an analog 4 to 20 mA output. These instruments are coupled with central or distributed logic solvers for continuous monitoring and for safety control, alarm and interlock (SCAI) including SIS and Emergency Shut Down.  However, technology has advanced well beyond typical process transmitters to include new devices designed and certified to standalone without the need for a central logic solver.  These smart devices can best described as “hybrids” of a transmitter and safety trip alarm.  What’s more, they are certified for use in SIL 2 (SC3) Safety Instrumented Systems, and seem ideally positioned to help users  improve single or small numbers of remote, safety critical loops.

Iterations of this “hybrid” sensor technology have been in widespread use for more than fifteen years, and have been shown in SIL verification summaries to lower PFDavg and produce higher risk reduction factors when compared with typical process transmitters when modeled in safety instrumented functions.  Other published analysis by risk managers show these hybrids can contribute significantly to system availability, diminishing dependencies on single points of failure, reducing the risk of common cause failure (CCF), and while validating weak Independent Protection Layers (IPLs).

The need to reduce risk  and improve safety with simple, cost effective solutions drives a value proposition for this hybrid technology where continuous monitoring and reliable protective layers are needed.  We’ll discuss “hybrids” and show examples of where they can be applied, particularly in upstream and midstream applications.

About Our Speaker:

Mr. Channing Reis,  Director of Functional Safety with United Electric Controls, is a member of ISA and is one of United Electric’s SMEs on Safety Instrumented Systems.  He has worked at United Electric since 1983 and travels extensively to meet and understand end-user challenges in the process sector. He is a member of ISA and AIcHE.

ISA October Meeting Intro Slides
Safety Transmitter Logic Solver Hybrids Presentation October 2017



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