September 2017 Section Meeting

ISA101: Managing the Operator Centric HMI Lifecycle

The ISA New Orleans Section kicked-off its 2017/2018 year with the September Section Meeting.  The meeting featured an update presentation on the ISA101 standard.

About Our Topic:

ISA 101 ultimately makes it easier to design, deploy, and manage effective HMI that can increase plant reliability, improve safety, and reduce project costs.  The ISA 101 standard – a lifecycle standard that has been embraced by automation suppliers and end users alike – provides excellent guidance on the design, implementation, and maintenance of HMI for process automation to improve operator situational awareness.  Attend this session to find out about the current status of the standard, what it contains, and the future of the standard.  Also visit for additional information about ISA 101.

About Our Speaker:

Dean Bickerton has been involved with industrial control systems since 1992 as a systems integrator, manufacturer, and automation distributor. He has been involved in the early implementations HMI from the stand alone character based, CRT EOIs to the distributed, vector graphics based client/server systems of today.  Proper HMI design, Abnormal Situation Management, and Human Factors Engineering have all been areas of interest to Dean.  When the ISA 101 standard began to emerge, he joined as an informational member.  Dean is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and is an Account Manager at The Reynolds Company.

ISA New Orleans – Sept 2017 Meeting – ISA101 Presentation



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