September 2016 Message

Dear Fellow Members,

I would like to welcome and thank the ISA New Orleans Section Executive Committee for the hard work and determination put into the planning effort for this year’s events. Also, I would like to thank our members for your continuous support and participation in the events offered by New Orleans Section.

I would also like to thank our corporate sponsors for their continued support of the section. We have retained the support from most of last year’s sponsors and expect to add new sponsors for this year. All sponsors are featured in the monthly newsletter, so you can see their information on the Corporate Sponsor’s Page. We still are accepting sponsors for the 2016–17 operating year, so please contact me if you are interested.

The first event of the year will be our Annual Membership Drive Shrimp Boil, which will be held on Friday 30 September. The event will be hosted on UNO’s campus at the Engineering Breezeway area starting at 6:00 p.m.

ISA membership is not required for participation in section activities; however, I would like to encourage those who are not members to take a few minutes to be-come a member. As a member, you will gain access to ISA publications; you will be kept up to date on the latest trends and technologies related to the automation industry; you will gain access to ISA training programs and seminars; you will have networking opportunities at national and international levels; and you will help support our Society in its efforts to advance and promote the automation industry. You can become a member at the ISA web site; click on this link

We are looking forward to another successful year. Please join us at the monthly meetings for educational presentations and discussions regarding many interesting and relevant topics affecting our industry.

José Suarez
ISA New Orleans Section, Inc.

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