February 2022 Technical Seminar

Industrial Insight: Leveraging IIoT Sensors to Create Insightful Dashboards

Recorded Seminar:

About our topic:

When thinking about the value of data science, the concepts that get the most attention are artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, 80% of the value of data science comes from data driven decisions at scale. This is only possible through a combination of visualization vantage points, commonly referred to as a dashboard. Historically, industries kept their data in multiple databases and analyzed it in reports.

As technology developed, the amount of data available has increased to the point where it is far too much to analyze. IIoT consists of various technologies to enable organizations to harness the available data, using a cloud platform to incorporate previously siloed sensor data extraction, transformation, loading in a database, and visualization in the form of a dashboard leveraging the following technologies:

  • Big Data Analytics – the ability to collect and analyze data at greater variety, arriving increasing volumes and with more velocity.
  • Cloud computing – converging all data into one accessible place.
  • Edge computing – aggregating/managing data near or at the location.

About our presenter:

Tony Trim is a Digital Strategist and IIoT Solution Architect with Eaton Corporation. He has significant experience that spans over 15 years including a background in the Oil and Gas Industry, underlined by technical expertise in industrial automation, data mining, and Edge IoT ecosystems.

Tony holds a BS in Computer Science from Liberty University, an Executive MBA from Prairie View A&M, and an MS Information Systems in Date Science from Northwestern University.

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