Presidents Message – November 2021

As we enter the month on November, we are starting to see some encouraging signs with the pandemic.  The number of cases and hospitalizations are dropping and the mask mandates have been lifted for most locations in our metropolitan area.  We are even seeing the return of several large industry shows with in person attendance, such as PCIC, Pack Expo, and Rockwell’s Automation Fair, to name a few.

We are hopeful that soon the New Orleans section will be able to meet up again in person.  But we have one more technical seminar on our schedule for 2021, and that event will remain as an online only seminar.

Tomorrow, November 2, 2021, at 12:00 pm, we will conduct our next technical seminar with Mr. Donald Dunn, of W.S. Nelson, presenting an overview on alarm management.  This seminar will be an introduction to the ISA18.2 and IEC62682 standards.  To learn more about this topic and to register to attend, please visit this link:

And finally, I want to remind everyone of the value of being an ISA member.  Often we forget that with our membership fee we get access to a lot more than just what happens locally within our section.  You also have access to a lot of content and benefits from the ISA society.  Below is a list of those member benefits taken directly from ISA’s website.

Once again, thank you to all for being a member of ISA and helping make our New Orleans section a success.

Benefits of ISA Membership

Standards and Publications

Education and Training

Member Programs

Other Programs and Discounts

  • Group Insurance Programs – Take advantage of competitive rates on several US-only insurance plans. Must be 18 years old or older.

 Special Bonus for Student Members

  • Student members may upgrade to professional member at the student rate for the year following the completion of their training or graduation

Best regards,
Wayne Welk
ISA New Orleans Section President
M: 504-481-9489

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