March 2020 Section Meeting

Improving Remote Asset Management with 5G

Podcast (Audio)


About our topic

In industries such as Oil and Gas and Water/Wastewater, gaining visibility into remote assets such as wellheads, pipeline terminals, lift stations and pumping stations has posed significant challenges to operators.  Cellular technologies have provided connectivity into many of these systems but often lack the performance to act in real-time on events happening in the field.  This presentation provides an overview of the evolving 5G standard which addresses many of the challenges in network performance, scalability and reliability; and how these improvements can lead to better outcomes in terms of worker safety, legal compliance and reduced product loss.

With the arrival of 5G technology, the manufacturing and production industries face their biggest transformation yet.  Safer, flexible and more efficient systems will be possible thanks to the ultra-low-latency and reliability of 5G connectivity. This presentation will describe the benefits of 5G for Industrial IoT and the impact on smart manufacturing and smart production.

About our speaker

Jason Block
Solution Manager, HMS Networks

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