Champion Technology to Host ISA 18.2 Course

Section Sponsor, Champion Technology, is hosting Exida’s Fundamentals of Alarm Management for the Practitioner Course: How to Apply ISA 18.2 / IEC 62682 training course this month.

This course is designed to help develop the skills and knowledge to drive effective alarm management practices.  Examples from control systems include: Emerson DeltaV, Siemens PCS 7, Rockwell PlantPAx, Honeywell Experion, ABB System 800xA, and Yokogawa Centum / CAMS. 

What you Will Learn by Attending:

  • How to create and structure an effective alarm philosophy document
  • Establishing objective criteria for determining what is a valid alarm vs. an alert, prompt, or message.
  • How to rationalize alarms to ensure every alarm is meaningful to the operator and results are documented in a Master Alarm Database (cause, consequence, corrective action, time to respond) 
  • Effective alarm prioritization based on potential consequences of inaction and allowable time to respond 
  • Establishing alarm setpoints based on design constraints, operating boundaries, process dynamics, and safe operating limits
  • Effective use of alarm classification for administration, reporting, testing, performance evaluation, and MOC
  • Similarities and differences between alarm rationalization and process hazard analysis (PHA); when to leverage PHA results during rationalization
  • How to treat system / instrument diagnostic alarms and alerts
  • Effective design and implementation of safety (related) alarms
  • How to apply alarm deadband and on / off delays to prevent nuisance alarms
  • Applying human factors to improve the operator’s response through improved HMI design and use of alarm response procedures
  • Best practices for implementing conditional alarming, state-based alarming, and alarm flood suppression
  • Keys to effectively implement / allow operators to manually suppress alarms (alarm shelving)
  • How to evaluate alarm system performance vs KPIs 
  • How to identify and resolve common alarm management issues (e.g., nuisance alarms and alarm floods)
  • Implementing an effective and useful management of change process
  • Alarm system maintenance

Who Should Attend:

  • Process engineers
  • Operators and their supervisors
  • Control system engineers
  • Safety, risk management, and environmental personnel
  • Maintenance technicians & engineers

Course Length: 1.5 days

For additional information, contact:

Greg Sonnier
Business Development
Baton Rouge, LA

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