September 2019 Section Meeting

Control System Modernization with Focus on Digital Transformation

Podcast (Audio)


Disclaimer: This presentation or Chevron Oronite is not endorsing any solution, strategy or vendor. These references have been used here for illustration purposes only based on what has been adapted and deployed at Chevron Oronite, Oak Point plant, Belle Chasse, LA.

About our topic

Process Control System (PCS) is one of the most critical assets in a process plant. As is evident in the ever-changing landscape of technology associated with the modern-day PCS and the speed at which it is changing, there is a very urgent need to plan and carve out strategic initiatives for managing the lifecycle of this asset. Often, this is an ignored fact in our industry.

Over last several years, Chevron Oronite has embarked on  a modernization program through life cycle management efforts that would optimize their control systems and PCS operations.

Building on their intellectual property that has been in operations for over twenty years, they implemented their upgrades including the latest and greatest technology out in the market.

With the application of Virtualization, integrated documentation for logics and systems, Alarm management  and other advanced solutions including automation of operating procedures, Chevron Oronite has been able to adapt and accelerate the corporate digital roadmap vision in the process control network leading to improved work process efficiencies and operator effectiveness.

About our guest speaker

Nat Muthaiah, Senior Process Control Engineer at Chevron Oronite, working as Project Manager –  Infrastructure and Capital projects relating to Process Control Systems. Presently leading the Process Control Systems Lifecycle Management Project across multiple Facilities. In addition to handling large capital and infrastructure projects at the Plant for DCS systems and Instrumentation, Nat also handles Global PCS Strategic projects and is involved in consulting for the overall system architecture design, alarm management, IP Compliance, etc. Nat has a diverse background for over 25 years in the area of Process Controls and Automation and has a diverse background working in multiple locations with multiple companies, multiple Instrumentation / control systems and products. Nat has also worked in different application and vendor platforms.

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