New Orleans Section Conducts Cybersecurity Seminar

The ISA New Orleans Section held their inaugural ICS Cybersecurity summit on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. The event featured guest panelists from the local engineering and IT community, as well as a guest speaker from Cisco. The summit was hosted at M.S. Benbow and Associates.

The summit was designed to be an introduction to the NIST cybersecurity framework, and a discussion on each if the core functions in the framework, Identify, Protect, Detect, Response and Recover.

To start the summit off, Wayne Welk, Automation Specialist with The Reynolds Company, gave an introduction into the NIST cybersecurity framework’s core components, and how it may be applied by a organization to provide a standardized way to implement and share a cybersecurity policy among all stakeholders.

After the framework introduction, each guest panelist explored the framework’s core functions in more detail.

David Bacque, Senior Manager with Accenture, presented the Identify function. The discussion was about the importance of knowing what is in one’s facility, and how to perform a risk analysis.

Mitch Williams, IT Operations Supervisor with Chevron Oronite, lead the discussion on Protect.  Among the major points made were the importance of access protection, proper maintenance of user privileges, and training all personnel of cybersecurity risks and procedures.

Robert Albach, IoT Security Senior Product Line Manager with Cisco, provided an engaging talk on Detect. Correct network segmentation was given as a key element to detecting undesired traffic on the OT network.

Dean Bickerton, Account Manager with The Reynolds Company, presented the last two core functions of the framework, Response and Recover. The NIST framework provides many valuable references to help organizations provide for response and recovery planning.

The summit concluded with a round table discussion between panelists and attendees.  The open dialogue and sharing of best-practices during the summit were valuable to all in attendance.

To learn more about the NIST cybersecurity framework:

To learn more about ISA’s cybersecurity resources:

The New Orleans Section wishes to thank all of the attendees and guest panelists for participating in the cybersecurity summit.

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