2015-2016 Honors and Awards Banquet

ISA 2016 Honors and Awards Banquet

It was the evening of Friday 15 January. The scene was the Southern Yacht Club’s Small East Dining Room, overlooking Lake Pontchartrain and its iconic white light house. The event was New Orleans Section’s annual Honors and Awards Banquet.

About 50 members, family, and friends gathered over dinner to socialize and to help recognize those selected by the Honors and Awards Committee to receive commendation awards.

Guest speaker Nick Sands, CAP, P.E., ISA Fellow, ISA Vice President of Standards and Practices, and the Society’s representative to the event, described the Society’s long-time advocacy of technical standards. Just four years after its founding, ISA released its first standard in 1949. Nick described the origins of standards, their evolution, and present-day applications. His presentation captivated spouses and friends alike. His inspiring command of the topic clearly signaled the importance of the Society’s standards and practices portfolio.

In its first award of the night, the section recognized Steve May for serving as section President during its 2014–15 operating year.

This year the section altered its usual practice of awarding a distinguished service award to only one individual and one company. This year, the section recognized two individuals and two companies

Executive Tax Services LLC and M S Benbow and Associates received the Distinguished Corporate Award. The citation on their respective plaques reads as follows: “In recognition of their extraordinary contributions and continued support of ISA and their members in upholding their vision, value and ideals of the Society.”

Mrs. Judy Phillpott accepted on behalf of her company, Executive Tax Service. She had provided exemplary service to the section year after year.

Mike Benbow accepted on behalf of M S Benbow & Assoc. MSB&A, too, has provided extraordinary support to the section for many years by providing people and facilities in support of section activities.

The section awarded Bill Brock and Larry Iverson this year’s Distinguished Service Award. The citation on their respective plaques reads as follows: “Recognition of out-standing service and dedicated contributions to ISA and its members.”

Bill has participated in numerous section elected office positions, from pre-presidential track offices, President, and to post-president positions. He remains very much engaged, currently serving as Secretary and as keeper of the section’s Manual of Operations and Procedures.

Larry has been newsletter editor since 1994, having retired from the position for approximately three years, then returning to carry on in the position. He also serves as chairman of the Historian and Publication Committees.

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