ISA and Beamex to co-host July webinar on loop calibration

On 31 July 2019, the International Society of Automation (ISA) and its promotional partner,Beamex, will co-host a free webinar on loop calibration.

The webinar, which will be held from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, will feature two calibration experts: Ned Espy, Technical Director at Beamex; and Roy Tomalino, Calibration Engineer at Beamex.

While not a new concept, there are advanced calibration techniques based on loop testing. In some cases, it is best practice to perform individual instrument calibration to achieve maximum accuracy (e.g. custody transfer metering). However, there are viable methods where a loop can be tested end-to-end and if readings are within acceptable tolerances, there is no need to break into the loop for individual instrument testing. 

As Tomalino, the Beamex engineer, explains: “Loop calibration is another way to calibrate. Depending on your circumstances, you may be best served by calibrating individual instruments in a process. Join us and learn when calibrating several instruments together as a loop makes sense.”

The webinar, he continues, will illustrate “how to address the tolerance of each individual item when you connect them together as a loop-specifically using the RSS, Root Sum Square method. In loop calibration you have a primary element, where you start, and a final element. You take data at the primary and final elements. The instruments in the middle go along for the ride. Be sure to bring your questions and add to our discussion!”

“Given the importance of instrumentation to the safe operation of process manufacturing plants, best-practice instrumentation calibration is essential,” says Jennifer Infantino Halsey, ISA’s Director of Marketing & Communications. “ISA is pleased to collaborate with Beamex to educate our members and customers and others in the automation community on this valuable topic of interest.”

About the presenters

Ned Espy, Technical Director at Beamex, possesses nearly 30 years of direct field experience in instrumentation measurement applications. He has been concentrating on calibration management at Beamex for more than 20 years.

Espy is a recognized expert in developing best practices for calibration, with a particular focus on temperature, pressure, and multi-variable instruments. A consistent editorial contributor to leading industry publications, Espy has received significant acclaim within the automation industry. Each day, Espy teaches calibration best practices and provides technical support to end users and to the Beamex sales team in North America.

Roy Tomalino, a Beamex Engineer, possesses more than 16 years of technical training experience. He has served as a trainer, certified developer, and technical advisor on four continents to people from more than 40 countries.

Tomalino was a key player at Honeywell at its Fort Collins, Colorado office, where he supported the “DocuMint” Calibration Management Software and numerous calibrators as a trainer, certified developer and technical advisor. He also served as a worldwide trainer at Hewlett Packard. Today, Tomalino serves as a Beamex “evangelist,” supporting customers and the Beamex team in North America.

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Also visit this resource from Beamex on loop calibration basics:

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