Core Element Community STEM FEST with the Saints & Pelicans

Core Element logo-1Core Element along with our friends at the Saints and Pelicans will host the first annual Community STEM FEST – Saturday, September 30 from 10am until 2pm at the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans facilities on Airline Drive.

The goal of the STEM Fest is to ignite curiosity and interest of K-12 students in STEM, inspire educators with creative STEM learning, promote industry workforce development and increase awareness of STEM career pathways.   This will be accomplished by engaging attendees of all ages with a variety of hands-on fun activities, workshops, and Saints & Pelicans activities.  We hope to welcome more than 8,000 students, parents and teachers to this exciting, inaugural event!

Core Element is reaching out to YOU:  our STEM partners and industry professionals to help make this a   SLAM DUNK, WHO DAT SUCCESS! 

The STEM FEST is an opportunity to showcase and highlight your organization/business, career opportunities and successes.  The STEM Fest is also an opportunity for you to highlight and promote your organization’s commitment to the community and the importance that STEM plays in workforce development.

The STEM FEST is free for exhibitors.

The cost will be $12 per person this includes access to the STEM FEST and a ticket to a Pelicans game this upcoming season. What a BARGAIN!! Plus the Pelicans already lead the NBA in ticket sales via schools, so our expectations are HIGH! The Saints & Pelicans are donating a portion of the proceeds to Core Element. In return, Core Element is going to Pay It Forward by giving a portion of these funds back into the schools.

If you or your organization would like to host a school or students to the STEM FEST, The Pelicans are taking advance donations. 10 students for $120 Contact Pelican representative, Denton Hunter at 504-593-4748 or Denton can coordinate support of a specific school preference, communicate with the students and schools regarding your donation and send pictures and follow-up for social media and website sharing.

Next Steps and other information:

  • DUE FRIDAY, August 18th: Identify and prepare a description of the hands-on activity you will host.  Complete and return the attached fillable PDF STEM FEST information sheet which includes logistical needs and contact information. PLEASE COMPLETE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BEFORE RETURNING and be as specific as possible.
  • Please return to Jan Brenan at no later than FRIDAY, AUGUST 18. 
  • Attend the Pre-FEST meeting to be held in advance of the event:  date to be determined. This will be extremely important so all questions can be answered and problems addressed in advance of the event.
  • Email questions and concerns to:
  • Timeliness of return of information is important. All needs will be addressed on a first come/first serve basis (first to get info in).
  • Other information will follow regarding, food for exhibitors, etc.
  • If your organization has a LARGE, showcase or Moveable (Lab on wheels, etc.) exhibit, we encourage LARGE SCALE EXHIBITS!

 Event Purpose: 

  • Provide “hands-on” learning and demonstrations for students of all ages to interact with STEM professionals in a fun, interactive environment.
  • Serve as a catalyst to increase community awareness of STEM education, STEM employment opportunities and increased economic development opportunities for Southeast Louisiana.
  • Work collaboratively with industry, small business, K-12 professionals, higher education, community colleges, non-profits, and media to promote economic development opportunities for Southeast Louisiana.
  • Elevate community interest in STEM and create pathways that lead our youth to elevated interest in STEM subjects and rewarding STEM careers.

Core Element Community STEM FEST Exhibitor contact and info sheet 2017

STEM Flyer- Schools (003)


Core Element provides kindergarten through 12th grade math and science teachers with the tools and resources they need to deliver hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities in the classroom. Core Element’s teacher professional development programs ensure that students receive the rigorous and enriched classroom instruction they need to encourage critical thinking and ultimately foster student proficiency and interest in STEM subjects and careers.

Since 2007, Core Element has trained more than 625 teachers and impacted more than 62,650 students. Through teacher professional development, Core Element is equipping the next generation of students with the STEM skills and knowledge to become truly engaged citizens in our community.

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